What is Search Marketing Software?

Search marketing software can be used by businesses to improve the ranking of their websites in search engine results without paying for placement. Organic search marketing platforms offer keyword analysis, trend analysis, and backlink tracking features to boost a website’s search outcome. Companies can use the software to attract the attention of potential customers to their website and become more competitive by allocating and using their resources more effectively. Many apps also enable users to analyze their competition as well as industry data, and develop best practices for marketing. Top features of search marketing software include conversion indicators, ad placement, analysis of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and search advertising and paid search optimization tools. To start, check out the popular apps in the marketing software category, and consider foremost the current leader Moz.

Most Popular Search Marketing Software

BrightInfo reviews

Our Score 8.4

User Satisfaction N/A

BrightInfo is a real-time personalization engine that uses a specific algorithm to analyze visitor behavior, and to match it with your content. Read Reviews

Exponea reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction N/A

Marketing Software that blends analytics & engagement automation for faster results. Read Reviews

Moz reviews

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 97%

Moz is a leading SEO tool provider that uses both basic and advanced research tools to improve your search engine optimization. Read Reviews

Yoast reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 94%

Yoast helps your website to achieve the highest place in search engine rankings. It also offers plugins for WordPress based websites. Read Reviews

UpCity reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

UpCity makes your dream conversions a reality with its local inbound marketing solution. It delivers great results at affordable prices. Read Reviews

Web CEO reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 95%

Web CEO provides internet marketing tools in 15 different variations for branded reports that help your website’s SEO. Read Reviews

Raven Tools reviews
Raven Tools

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 94%

Supercharge your online marketing reports with Raven's reporting engine. Read Reviews

Marin reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 99%

A cloud-based app providing a unique online ad management solution, that lets you manage search, content display, and social management. Read Reviews

SEMrush reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 94%

SEMrush is global tool for top-rated keyword research, business intelligence and online competitor analysis. Read Reviews

Social Studio reviews
Social Studio

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 98%

Social Studio is a social media marketing tool that provides social media solutions to business growth through greater global collaboration. Read Reviews

Mention reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 96%

Mention is an online platform that specializes in business monitoring on the web, providing intelligent and insightful information for businesses in their brand awareness. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Search Marketing Software

Search marketing software can help to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results without paying for ad placement. As there is a great choice of search marketing software for small business and enterprises available on the market, selecting a suitable one can be a difficult task. This buyer’s guide helps you out by giving detailed information on the list of features and factors to consider while looking for the best Search Marketing Software.

Get to know each product with free trial

A good course of action is to sign up for at least a few free trials and on-request demos from the vendors that are popular. With that method you will have the opportunity to test the important elements and you will get a good overview of the capabilities of each app. The smartest thing to do when looking for the best Search Marketing software is to try services that currently have the highest results in our SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Rating in the Marketing software category: Rank Active reviews , Positionly, WooRank, and GinzaMetrics

Targeted Businesses

Let’s take a look on Search Marketing software as a desirable online addition to your work line. It will be a big arrival and the same as every arrival it will require you to solve few critical dilemmas in advance, the most important one being whether you actually need it or not. Search marketing software is welcome in almost any company, but works the best in one of the following scenarios:

  • Small Businesses looking to raise brand awareness. Small companies want to become more visible, as a necessary step for generating higher return on investment, which is why they are the ones that can recognize the success of such software the most. These systems simplify their strategies, and streamline campaigns to reach customers and become known at a fraction of what they’re currently investing.
  • Medium Businesses looking to improve efficiency. Medium companies are in a constant development process, and they need to improve lead tracking by targeting the right audience at the right moment, and by scoring them to examine which ones are more willing to buy. They need search marketing software to make the most of their online presence, and to let agents focus on more attention-demanding aspects.
  • Large Businesses in need of marketing analytics. Large companies have long surpassed the benefits of traditional marketing automation, and are looking to upgrade their software with powerful analytic features. Accurate analytics will accelerate and improve lead management, allow them to track ROI and optimize their fractional attribution models.

What are Examples of Search Marketing Software?

  • Moz: A leading SEO tool provider with advanced research tools, as for instance SEO keyword generators, research tools, link analysis and much more.
  • Raven Tools: An advanced search marketing system that allows users to manage search engine optimization, social media conversations, and online advertising campaigns all at once.
  • SEMRush: A powerful tool for top-rated keyword research and strong business intelligence capacity whose advanced metrics can help you understand and estimate your competitors.
  • Positionly: Another strong SEO monitoring program used to track and evaluate your overall SEO performance and improve your website’s rankings.
  • WooRank: A great enterprise solution for automated reviews and personalized traffic, sales, and marketing boosting practices.

Types of Search Marketing Software

The focus of every marketer is to target large audiences and to develop lists of channels which could be used for his outreach campaigns. That puts search activities considerably high on his priority list, and he conducts three different types of searching with different central components, depending on his final goals:

  • Organic Search Software. These programs are the cornerstone of search marketing software, as they cover SEO (search engine optimization), and operate in a field where the marketer is to establish most of his control. The programs are used to reveal possibilities which can place your business high on the ‘most trusted’ ranking lists, which is exactly where every business wants to be.
  • Paid Search Software. These programs give you additional control over search placement and deliver results much sooner, allowing your content to appear as ‘sponsored’ and generating profit once someone actually clicks to see it. Still, as the name indicates, your position will depend entirely on how much you’re willing to pay, and to outbid every business that is applying for the same position.
  • Local Search Software. These programs give local searchers access to your content, and stand out of the local business competition. The same as with organic search software, these programs help you appear on free listings, but unlike the previous case, you won’t have any control over what Google decides to put up for searching.

Key Features of Search Marketing Software

These are the main features to expect from your next search marketing program:

  • Back Link Tools: These tools help you create additional link backs to your website and understand what your current link backs are and how they are affecting your search engine optimization. As expected, these tools will help you detect performance flaws and take 100% advantage of your best strategies.
  • On Page Analysis: The feature makes it possible to examine your URL based on the targeted keywords, and to use an advanced set of metrics to validate the quality of your content and help search engines detect it much faster.
  • Site Audits: Site audits help to identify potential problems search crawlers may have with your website, and correct them on time in order to improve your ranking position.
  • Local Marketing: Every good search marketing system is supposed to provide a set of local marketing features which help you manage listing in various local search engines, as for instance Bing Local, Local, and Google+.
  • Keyword Analysis: The feature helps you find useful targeted keywords to attract more traffic to your website, and avoid such that would compromise Google’s interest to feature your content.
  • SERP Rank Tracking: The feature is used to track the organic rank for your targeted keywords, but it also offers detailed historical reports for your overall appearance on search engines.As such, the tool helps you detect and follow trends, and eliminate vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Brand Alerts: Brand alerts report when your domain or brand is mentioned or linked to from other websites, and help you make the most of your presence on social media.
  • Social Analytics: These tools help you make the most of your presence on social media, by analyzing each and every social mention, SEO-related link backs, likes, followers, and so on.
  • Competitive Comparisons: You can use this feature to check how your website is doing compared to your competitors, which can be done easily with the key metrics provided by the program such as domain strength, SERP results, back links, etc.
  • Integration with analytics: A good search marketing system is expected to integrate with outstanding analytic providers in order to measure performance, as for instance WebMaster tools, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Internationalization: Internationalized search marketing tools are great for large and multi-national organizations which use the app effectively across various languages and currencies.
  • Role Management: With this feature, the administrator is able to offer segmented access to the app based on roles and privileges assigned in accordance with the company’s internal organizational framework. It is easy to add and remove users using this feature.
  • Reporting/Dashboards: What you should expect from this feature is to help you use custom reports and dashboards to get insight on the performance of your website across various search engines. At the same time, the reporting function should be empowered to summarize information in a variety of charts, pies, and tables, but keep them simple enough to be understood even by non-savvy users.
  • Mobile support: Mobile support allows the software to be easily accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and should ideally support Android, iOS, and Windows mobile systems.

Benefits of Search Marketing Software

These are the main benefits companies experience when working with a good search marketing program:

  • Conduct research on competitors’ keywords and strategies, and examine those to develop the best strategy for themselves. The purpose of this practice is obviously not to duplicate other businesses’ content, as Google can penalize such behavior, but rather to distinguish practices that work against such that are not really favorable.
  • Get insightful reports on website ranking and performance. As we already explained, a solid search marketing tool is not only supposed to reveal data, but also to analyze it and to generate detailed performance reports easily and without too much effort. The integration with external analytic tools helps incredibly, especially if the program itself doesn’t have such powerful suite of useful metrics.
  • Optimize website(s) to perform well on the search engine result page (SERP). In fact, this is the main purpose of search marketing programs’ existence – it has to optimize the website to help you appear as high as possible on search engine result pages. Thanks to it, your website will be much more visible and outreach wide audiences and drive more traffic.
  • Research suitable keywords to target for search marketing efforts. With features such as keyword research, keyword discovery, keywords grouping, or negative keywords, website owners are able to optimize their search engine-related activities and appear higher on search engine result pages.
  • Stay updated on changes in search engine algorithm. Good search marketing systems reveal the entire history of Google’s search engine algorithm changes, which helps companies follow trends, detect difficulties on time, and to update their strategies without losing focus from their long-running SEO programs.


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